How we can help you Triage your existing LMS

Our people have been project implementation managers in almost 100 LMS implementations.  We have been involved in hundreds of LMS selection processes.  We know how to assess client requirements and match them to functionality in an LMS.  We will work with your people to understand the pain points and how to address the issues for quick wins and long term gains.  We assess, design and document processes for internal stakeholders to maximise efficiency and success.

How we can help you Transition to a new LMS

Sometimes we find the organisational needs cannot be met by their existing LMS. In these situations, we will:

  1. Establish the internal project team – the stakeholders to ensure success

  2. Define your business requirements

  3. Investigate and evaluate the LMS options to meet your requirements

  4. Formalise the search process with an RFI

  5. Evaluate and assist in the selection process

  6. Project Manage the LMS implementation

We know the “ins and outs” of helping you select the right LMS for your organisation.  With 500+ LMS’s in the market, we will make the process easier for you and your organisation and work diligently to ensure your success.

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