Onboarding Learning Track:

Onboarding New Employees, Starting a New Job

Onboarding New Employees

Managers work with new hires to help them quickly get up to speed by understanding what they must do and achieve to become fully integrated employees.

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Course Result

New Hire Expectations of a Manager

New employees know exactly what they can expect from you as a manager

First Weeks’ Deliverables

New hires learn what work they must do & what they must achieve in the first few weeks on-the-job

Team Members Introduce Themselves

Team members introduce themselves to the new hire

Great Work Situations for New Hires

Managers learn what will create a great work situation for each new employee

Learning a New Role

New employees learn how they fit in with the team and how they can contribute to the organization

We Wish We Had Known

New hires learn what their peers wished they had known when starting their own job

Learning from Co-Workers

New hires learn from co-workers why it’s great to work for the team and the company

Teams Share with New Hires

Team members discuss the team’s overall purpose and deliverables with the new hire

New Hires Build New Skills

Know what skills and knowledge the new hire must build to be successful in the new role

Coaching New Hires

New employees receive coaching & information to ensure the right work is done at the right time

New Hires Get Coaching From Others

New hires have a network of resources for coaching, feedback and skill building

Reconnect Employees to Individual Work

New employees are reconnected to the work they must do and achieve

Feedback for New Hires

New employees receive feedback on what they’ve done so far & learn what they must do in the future

Exploring Professional Development

New hires explore how they can grow and develop within the company

New Hires Build a Professional Network

Team members help new hires build a network of people within the company

Feedback from New Hires

Managers receive feedback from their new hires

New Hire Performance Review

New hires receive a review of their performance since starting their new job

Work and Challenges in the Future

New hires get clear on the work and challenges that lie ahead


Starting a New Job

Individuals new to a job, role or the company, take action to accelerate the time it takes to become a productive employee and integrated team member.

Course Title

Course Result

Clear Work Expectations

Know exactly what you must do over the next six months to be a high performing employee

Learn about the Company and Customers

New hires learn more about the company and its customers

Information for Success

Find out who can provide the information you need to be successful in your job

Making an Impact

Determine how you make a positive impact on the team and within the company

Getting to Know Your Peers

Get to know your co-workers’ role, skills, and expertise

Six Month Work Priorities

Get clear on your work priorities for the next six months

Current Performance Review

Review your current level of performance and determine what you should do going forward

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