Engagement & Retention Learning Track:

Increasing Employee Engagement, Retaining Your Employees, Recognizing Employees, Providing Resources for Success

Increasing Employee Engagement

Managers build the skills required to engage employees to perform at their best.

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Supporting Employees

Determine how you support your employees

Connecting Work to the Organization

Connect the work employees do to the organization and to future opportunities

Requirements for Success

Assess whether employees have what they need to be successful in their role

Using an Employee’s Best Skills and Abilities

Perform a job evaluation to determine if a particular role uses an employee's best skills and abilities

Team Satisfaction

The team evaluates how well the company meets their individual needs

Inform and Inspire Your Team

Inform and inspire your employees regarding the team’s vision

Work-Life Balance for Each Person

Understand what work/life balance looks like for each person

Appreciating Contribution and Results

Ask a leader to thank an individual employee or team for their contribution and results


Retaining Your Employees

Managers perform the skills needed to retain each individual employee.

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Overall Satisfaction at Work

Talk with your employees about their overall satisfaction with the company and their work situation

Keeping Your Employees

Find out what factors will cause your employees to stay

Decreasing Employee Turnover

Identify what is required to create a work situation that will cause each employee to stay

Who Needs Better Work-Life Balance?

Identify who needs help getting a better balance between work and their personal life

Maximizing Employee Talents

Determine how an employee’s top talents are used in his or her job

Creating Work Autonomy

Create the right level of work autonomy for your team

Compensation Rule of Thumb

Determine if each employee’s compensation package is within market range

Your Own Requirements to Stay

Identify what will create a work situation that will cause you to stay


Recognizing Employees

Managers build their capabilities to recognize their employees for their work and accomplishments.

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Recognize Employees Each and Every Day

Provide recognition to your employees each and every day

Recognize Accomplishments and Contribution

Employees are recognized for their accomplishments and contribution

Improving How Things Get Done

Recognize employees who seek out ways to improve the way things get done

Balance Public and Private Recognition

Create the right balance between public and private recognition

Find Others to Provide Team Recognition

Find others within the organization who can give praise and recognition to your team


Providing Resources for Success

Managers learn how to provide the resources employees need to successfully deliver their objectives and achieve team goals.

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Managing Team Resources

Evaluate how well you manage the team or department resources

Required Employee Resources

Determine if employees have the resources they need to be successful

One Resource for Success

Employees identify one resource they need to be successful in the next 60 days

Use a Resource Management Agenda Item

Create a resource management agenda item to ensure team needs are met

Resources and Customer Needs

Consider the customers’ needs when allocating resources

Providing the Right Resources

Take action to provide the resources employees need for success

Team Resource Needs

Team members prioritize resources needs

Teams Improve Efficiency of Resources

The team determines how they can improve the efficiency of existing resources

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