Developing and Rewarding Others Learning Track:

Developing and Coaching Employees, Giving Great Feedback, Discussing Total Compensation

Developing and Coaching Employees

Managers develop their skills to coach and develop their employees to become more capable and high performing individuals.

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Support Your Team for Performance

Determine how to support your team so they can perform at their best

Giving Employee Feedback

Employees receive feedback on their job performance

Building Employee Skills

Top two actions your employees can do to improve their capabilities and contribute to organization

Skill Development Plan

Create a skill development plan with your employee

Coaching After Mistakes

Use a coaching process after employees make mistakes or miss their performance goals

Energizing Work

Identify what work is energizing to your employees

Support Employee Development

Identify actions you can take to support each person’s development

Improve the Feedback You Give Others

Improve the feedback employees receive on their performance


Giving Great Feedback

Managers discover how to provide the feedback each person needs to perform at a high level.

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Improve the Quality of Feedback You Give

Improve the quality of the feedback you give your employees

Employees Monitor Personal Performance

Employees monitor and measure their own performance

Acting with Appropriate Speed to Problems

Evaluate whether you acted with appropriate speed to problems and issues

Employee Reactions to Performance Evaluations

Quickly understand how employees feel about their performance evaluation and rating

Teams Monitor Performance

Team members learn how to monitor and measure their own performance


Discussing Total Compensation

Managers learn how to discuss compensation issues, rewards, as well as company benefits with individual employees.

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Market Range Compensation

Help employees know what the compensation market range is for their role

Performance and Rewards

Discuss with your employees how individual performance impacts rewards and compensation

Linking Performance and Rewards

Create a clear link between performance delivered and rewards received

Going Above and Beyond

Identify who needs to be rewarded for working hard and going above and beyond what’s required

Benefits Discussion

Conduct a benefits discussion with your team

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