Becoming a Future Leader Learning Track:

Communicating with Others, Building Your Leadership Skills

Communicating with Others

Individuals build the skills required to effectively communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions to others.

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Nonverbal Communication

Monitor and improve your nonverbal communication actions

Understanding Body Language

Strengthen your ability to read other people's body language

Talk About and Promote the Company Vision

Determine how you will talk about, promote and share the organization’s vision with others

Create a Vision Branding Statement

Create a concise branding statement to connect others to the organization's vision

Handling Customer Complaints

Positively handle queries or complaints from your customers


Building Your Leadership Skills

Individuals build leadership skills that can help in any role, whether the person is an individual contributor, new supervisor or experienced manager.

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Keeping Customers Informed

Keep your customers informed of key information, progress and status updates

Seek Out the Ideas and Opinions of Others

Actively seek the thoughts and opinions of others in key situations

Show Good Judgment Regarding Creative Ideas

Demonstrate good judgment for how creative ideas and suggestions will work

Integrity Review

Perform an integrity review on your actions and behaviors

Contributing to the Organization Strategy

Identify what you need to do differently to effectively contribute to the organization strategy

Support the Organization’s Vision and Strategy

Select the actions you will take to lead the organization’s vision and strategy

Manage Conflict with Others

Use a process for managing conflict with others

Learn From a Conflict Management Expert

Identify someone who is good at conflict management who you can learn from

How Inspiring Are You?

Evaluate how inspiring your words and actions are to others

Be a Powerful and Inspirational Role Model

Become a powerful and inspirational role model to others

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