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Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit, Creating Great Work, Increasing Your Contribution at Work

Writing to Get Things Done® Toolkit

(also available in Spanish)
Individuals improve productivity by learning how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Individuals will improve their on‐the‐job writing skills, including creating clear, easy‐to‐read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, procedures and technical reports.

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Effective Business Communication

Know and use the three components of effective business communication

Separating Readers' and Writers' Needs

Be able to separate the readers’ needs from the writer’s needs

Identifying Ineffective Writing Styles

Identify ineffective writing styles

Using the Reporting Process

Use the reporting process when creating written communications

Selecting the Best Writing Model

Know how to select and use the best writing model for presenting your thoughts and ideas

Write Effective Opening Paragraphs

Be able to write an effective opening paragraph

Effective Middle and Closing Paragraphs

Write an effective middle and closing paragraph

Forecasting Subject Lines

Be able to write a concise and effective forecasting subject line

Most Common Business Writing Model

Know how to use the writing model required for about 80% of your writing

Writing Model for Reports and Documents

Use the writing model required for long documents, such as reports and manuals

Writing Style and Tone

Know how to use an effective writing style and tone

Effective Emails

Assess the quality of your emails


Creating Great Work

Individuals take the initiative to create work that is inspiring, challenging and focused on what they love to do.

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What Excites You at Work?

Identify what excites you the most about the company and its future

Increase the Level of Challenge at Work

Identify the actions you can take to increase the level of challenge in your own work

Analyze Key Experiences for Lessons Learned

Analyze key experiences from the last two years to discover what you’ve learned

Work-Life Balance for You

Define what great work balance looks like for you

The Right Level of Challenge

Talk to your boss about the right level of challenge for you


Increasing Your Contribution at Work

Individuals develop the skills required to deliver high performing results.

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Increase Your Personal Success

Identify one action that if done more will increase your personal success

Struggling to Meet Commitments

Solve for the reasons you struggle to meet commitments

Increase Your Personal Engagement

Outline the actions that will increase your personal engagement and performance

Increase the Quantity of Work

Select specific actions you will take to increase the quantity of work produced

Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers

Maintain personal productivity while waiting for answers to critical questions

When Are You Most Creative?

Identify the time you are most creative and innovative

Organizing Information for Productivity

Organize information to increase your effectiveness and productivity

Creating Accountability for Business Results

Work with your boss to create accountabilities for how you are responsible to achieve business results

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